On Page SEO Tips for Bed and Breakfasts

On Page SEO Tips for Bed and Breakfasts, vacation homes, rentals

We already covered what to do for off page SEO. Now it’s time to look and see what we can do for on page SEO when it comes to marketing your bed and breakfasts. By on page, I mean things you can do to your actual website to help your push with the serps (search engine result pages).

For one thing, you need to make sure you have a Google XML Sitemap for your site. This helps Google identify the new pages within your site. If you are using WordPress to manage the content for your site, then you will simply search for a plugin called Google XML Sitemaps. If you are not using WordPress, you will need to Google how to do this. It is not a difficult process so don’t get stressed out about it.

It’s good to have about 10 pages of content on your website. Some of these pages should have some text to it. It’s good to have an “About” page that features some images and 500 to 1000 words of text. Also, having more than just photos on all of your pages is necessary. Make sure to add some words to tell people about your property. To some of you this may sound a little bit like “duh” information, but you’d be surprised at the amount of websites I see that look like photo albums.

Make sure you link out to valuable content on other sites as well as provide link to contents to your own site. When your site links to other pages within it, that helps pass “link juice” all around the website and helps make all of your pages relevant in the search engines.

It is good to continue adding content to your site over time, instead of letting it sit dormant. If you are putting 1 or 2 new blog posts up on your site that is great for keeping your site relevant and climbing the serps. Tell your potential customers about possible excursions in the area including nearby tourist attractions, restaurants, etc. Spark a fire in your potential customer that drives them to come and visit your property.

If you want to take things a step further, sign up for a free trial at My Site Auditor. This will do an audit of your site and help you with what you can improve on it. This tool will help you get more traffic to your site and help you with issues you may have overlooked other wise.

Maybe all of this SEO talk sounds like nonsense to you and you’d rather just outsource. If that’s the case, you’re at the perfect place. Fill out the form below and one of our consultants will reach out to you and help take care of all of your SEO needs.