Bed and Breakfast SEO

If you are a bed and breakfast owner, maybe you are not sure how to do SEO for your website. You might not even know what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process of getting your website to the top of the Google search results. That way, you get increased exposure of your property and are more likely to have people rent from you. Now that you understand that, wouldn’t you say that SEO is a pretty important aspect of your business? Wouldn’t you say that if someone searches “bed and breakfast (your city)” and your property came up first, that would increase profit for your business?

Bed and Breakfast SEO

So how does Google decide what goes at the top of their search results? It’s a very complex process. No one knows exactly, but we can help you with some information that will definitely increase your standing in the Google Serps. Serps are short for search engine result pages. Let’s get you some tips that will get you in the right direction in moving up the serps.

First off, Google values when other websites post links to your sites. Especially when it’s a very quality website that is in the same niche as yours. By same niche as yours, I mean bed and breakfast or vacation rentals or anything similar. When these types of sites link to your website, it builds authority for you in the industry. It shows Google that you are respected in the industry so in turn they move you up the serps.

You might be thinking, how the heck do I get other websites to link to my bed and breakfast property site? Whether you know it or not, you probably already have some links pointing to your website. For instance, if someone loved their experience at your property then maybe they shared a link to your property on Facebook. That kind of links is referred to as a “social signal.” A social signal is a link to your site from a social networking site such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Google loves social signals and those will help you move up the serps. You can ask some of your friends to help by sharing your site on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but ultimately the best way to get more social signals is by providing great service which prompts your guests to want to share their experience after they leave. You can offer promotions such a small discount for a return visit if the customer shares your page on Facebook. That kills two birds with one stone. It gets you a link and it gets you a return customer.

Besides social signals, it is important to make sure your property has a presence on social networking sites. This includes Facebook and Instagram to start. This doesn’t mean just post a link on your own personal Facebook page. On Facebook you are going to create a page dedicated to your bed and breakfast property. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can learn here. If you want more links, then cover all of the bases. Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress and more. For a comprehensive list of social networks, click here. The more you have, the better!

Social signals and social network accounts are a great start, but if you are in a competitive area for bed and breakfast, that won’t be enough to get you to the top. So how else can we get links? Bed and breakfast directories. These are great links, because obviously they are very geared toward your niche and they are also very high authority sites. Perhaps, you are already listed on a few of these directories. Well, it’s time to get listed in even more. Some of these cost money to be listed, but if the site is good enough, then it is well worth it. To get your started off here is our top 10 bed and breakfast directories.

Top 10 Bed and Breakfast Directories

The Innkeeper

Planet BnB

BnB Finder


BB Online

Lanier B&B Guide

The Bed and Breakfast Directory

American Bed and Breakfast Association

Bed and Breakfast List

Now that you have social signals and are listed in some directories, you should be rocking and rolling. Remember, your page will not move to the top of the Google search results instantly. Google updates their search results very randomly. It can takes weeks or even months for these links to have an impact on your website. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results from the work you are doing for your website. If you put in the work consistently, your position will improve eventually. It is important that the links come in consistently. If you do 100 links in one day then don’t touch it for a few months, that’s not good. When Google sees your links coming in consistently that looks more natural and is seen as your business having authority in your niche.

If you have been at it for a few months and the social signals, social network accounts and directories still don’t have you where you want to be, there is another step you can take. What you need to top off your business is some authority links in the niche of bed and breakfast. This is where SEO gets tricky and you may decide just to outsource it altogether. Here is an article called Authority Links: What They Are and Why You Want Them. Basically, you want some bed and breakfast/travel sites (sites in your niche) to link back to your website. For example, if you are able to get one of the best bed and breakfast sites to link to your site, that would be great. That can also be difficult as they are competing for the same customers you are, so good luck with that.

How do we distinguish the quality of the sites we are trying to get links from? There is a statistic called domain authority or DA. If you are able to get some bed and breakfast sites with DA over 20 linking back to your website that will help a great deal. For instance if The Travel Channel did an article about your property and linked to your website, that would be incredible. That is also not a very realistic option, but if it did you would get an incredible amount of exposure for your business.

Well, there is your detailed plan for you to get moving up the Google serps. Think, just minutes ago you may not have known what serps are, but now you know how to dominate them!

Maybe after reading this, you have decided that SEO is not for you. After all, you may be an innkeeper with a whole different set of responsibilities. That’s OK! We have you covered. If you are interested in our services then contact us here and we will get in touch with you and get you moving up the serps as soon as possible.